Groceries are one of those items that your senior can stock up on, but as she goes through them they need replenishing. That means that no matter how well you stocked up your senior’s pantry and fridge, she likely needs to go to the grocery store and that means something totally different now that there’s a pandemic.

Follow CDC Guidelines if She’s Shopping Herself

Senior Care Cabin John, MD: Groceries and COVID-19

Senior Care Cabin John, MD: Groceries and COVID-19

The CDC guidelines first recommend that your senior stays home if she’s feeling ill and that she wears a mask if she does go out in public. In stores, it’s still recommended to use social distancing and to remain at least six feet away from other people. Going to stores during times when there are likely to be fewer people, like early in the morning or later at night. Encourage your senior to avoid touching her face at all, which is easier to do if she’s wearing a mask.

Handwashing Needs to Happen Often During the Whole Process

Handwashing is still a highly recommended part of the CDC recommendations for remaining safe during the coronavirus pandemic. This is because washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds can both kill and remove the germs that cause Covid-19. As soon as your senior brings her groceries home, she should wash her hands.

Disinfecting Groceries and Bags Is Possibly an Important Step

Handling food packages and grocery bags is likely not a way that your senior may get the coronavirus, but it’s understandable if she’s a little nervous about those items. Wiping the exterior of packages with disinfecting wipes is a fast and easy way to feel a bit better about the new items. If your senior uses reusable shopping bags, she should wash them with detergent and then dry them on the highest dryer setting. Plastic bags should be disposed of and when she’s done putting groceries away it’s time for another session of handwashing.

Talk to Your Senior about Letting Someone Else Bring Her Groceries

If your elderly family member is determined to remain as independent as possible, she may see grocery shopping right now as a challenge that she needs to meet. But it’s also possible that she might start to feel open to having someone bring groceries to her. Senior care providers understand the unique needs your senior has right now and they can help her to get what she needs safely.

Your goal as your senior’s caregiver is to keep her as safe as you possibly can, and she might have different ideas about how to do that effectively. For you, that might mean that she doesn’t go into busy stores. If her idea is different, you may have to support her in the best ways that you can.


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