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Our Silver Spring Home Health Care staff, nurses, and caregivers share a deep-rooted compassionate and caring attitude – something that allows each of our clients to receive the care they deserve in an honorable, dependable, and compassionate way. Our pride in our work sets us apart.

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Silver Spring Home Health Care founder

Katharina Villanueva


Founder at Nest & Care, LLC

About Our Founder

Kat is the founder of Nest & Care LLC, a Private Duty Silver Spring Home Health Care agency providing companion care, personal care, and skilled nursing services to families in and around Montgomery County and Howard County, MD.

For the past 15 years, she has devoted her nursing career to caring for patients with Neurologic or Neurosurgical conditions in the acute, subacute and chronic phases. She worked at Keck Medical Center of USC in Los Angeles, California before moving to Maryland where she exclusively worked with patients with stroke as a stroke program coordinator at Providence Hospital.

She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines in 1998. Kat is married to Mikael, a pediatric surgeon. They have 3 boys and 3 dogs.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

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Nela Perez Mora

Operations Manager

Nela joined Nest & Care in February 2022 as Operations Coordinator. She has a Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Management and is experienced in Retail Management and Business Operations. She also helps manage a Breakdancing
Academy for kids owned by her husband in DC and Virginia. Nela is from Venezuela.

Isatu 1

Icey Kamara

Care Coordinator

Icey started with Nest & Care as a caregiver and now serves as our Care Coordinator. She is a natural at caring for the elderly and has effectively built a great rapport with our clients and caregivers. We’re so grateful for everything she does. Icey is fun, creative, unique, and outgoing. Icey dreams of becoming a registered nurse and entrepreneur.

Her motivation in life is her daughter. She hopes to be the best mother and give her what she couldn’t get growing up as a child. They spend a lot of time doing different activities together!


Michelle Dimen

Scheduling Coordinator

Michelle has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. She naturally fits into the home care business due to her educational background and previous work experience. She is also a very passionate singer, songwriter, guitarist, and pianist of her band Southern Lights. She has a wide range of musical influences and has an appreciation for different music genres. Her hobbies are playing volleyball and online games. An added fun fact about Michelle is that she has an identical twin sister. Her family and loved ones are her motivation and inspiration to work hard and do her best every day.

Michelle loves the pro-active and optimistic work environment of Nest & Care. She is very organized and believes that positivity, teamwork, communication, and empathy are key to a successful health care team.

Rein Romowac

Rein Romawac

Healthcare Recruitment Officer

Rein is an experienced end-to-end recruiter. She has worked as a Recruitment Associate for more than a year. She joined Nest & Care earlier this year and is primarily involved in all things recruitment.  

She is kind, gentle and very easy to talk to, and that is why future Nest & Care care providers gravitate to her.  She is married and is a mom to two beautiful children.

Trixi Ong

Jocelyn Fuentes

HR Assistant

Jocelyn started out as a caregiver for Nest & Care. She now serves as an HR assistant. Her attention to detail, knack for organizing & easy going personality makes her a great fit as one of Nest & Cares caregivers & admin staff. She is interested in continuing her education to pursue a career in healthcare. Her love for her family is a driving force in attaining her goals & she aims to provide the same compassion to others in need. 

Jocelyn likes to go on walks & play with her mini dachshund. She also likes to watch Korean dramas, draw & play video games in her spare time.

Our Story

Why We Do What We Do

My grandmother, Virginia, was walking one day in our terrace where she slipped and fell and broke her hip. She was taken to the hospital, and had surgery; however, during her hospital stay she also suffered from pneumonia and stroke. Her brain got so swollen that the brain surgeons didn’t feel confident they could save her. Eventually, they were able to take her off ventilator but she never woke up. My mom took her home and cared for her.

My mom was part of a sandwich generation. I did not understand that concept before. But I now realize how hard those times were for her – caring for all four children, managing our home and our family business together with my dad, and taking care of my grandma. I know my mom was overwhelmed, confused, and constantly felt guilty that she couldn’t do more.

Knowing what I know now and looking back, I wish that home care was available for my mom and my grandma. It would have made life so much easier and happier for our family. It may not have prolonged my grandma’s life but my mom could have easily spent quality time with her as an only child in those last few months, and not as a primary caregiver trying to do all the tasks and being pulled from all different directions. I wish that qualified help was accessible to us when we needed it. This inspired me to own a home care company where my primary and personal goal is to provide experienced and compassionate caregivers to families so we can aid in caring for their loved ones.

At about the time my grandmother passed away, I was inspired to go to Nursing school and got my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. My nursing career was focused heavily on caring for patients with neurological conditions, after witnessing what my grandmother went through. After about 20+ years of this specialty and seeing that many families have a hard time bringing their loved ones home to care for them on a regular basis, and having to sacrifice their own families and jobs, I decided to be a home care provider and bring my expertise as a Neuro Nurse to care for patients with specific neurological conditions.

Now, I get to help families every day by providing Silver Spring Home Health Care in Montgomery County, MD to families who are trying to keep their loved ones at home. I feel a sense of joy knowing that I can help families who may be experiencing the overwhelm and confusion of caring for a loved one, and knowing that maybe we can take some of the stress off of their shoulders…something we were not able to do for my mom.

Dedication Beyond Measure

Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to enable individuals to live their best life and stay in their own homes for as long as possible despite changing physical needs.

Our Vision

We strive to be the best-in-class home care provider specializing in Neuro Care to vulnerable individuals in Maryland.

nestandcare employees

Our Care Professionals

Our caregivers have attained the highest levels of training. In addition to a home care training program, we ensure that they have also undertaken First Aid and CPR training before being rostered. That’s not all, they all have to go through a comprehensive investigative procedure which includes criminal background checks, child abuse clearances, social security number verification and Board of Nursing Disciplinary action checks before being considered for employment with us.

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