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Seniors want to continue living in the comfort and safety of their own homes

Seniors thrive in the familiarity of their own homes surrounded by the community they love. We empower seniors to maintain their own independence while providing peace of mind for you.

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Don’t let the weight of caregiving steal the joy from your time together

If you are the primary caregiver in the family, then you may feel overwhelmed trying to care for your loved one 24/7 while also trying to balance your own responsibilities.  With Nest and Care Silver Spring – Bethesda Home Health Care, you can return to simply enjoying your time with your loved one while we provide the caregiving. This removes stress and enables you to make the most of your times together.

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Allow us to make an assessment of your current environment and living conditions so we can provide the care that perfectly fits your needs.

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Take your home care career up a notch by joining our team of experienced individuals who are dedicated to providing high-quality assistance.

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5 star home health care agency in Maryland

My is Kerry Ann Denton.I am a current caregiver at Nest And Care.Let’s talk about amazing company!Our staff is very professional. I am so happy I found a home at Nest and Care. The appreciation, the thoughtfulness,the love and patient that all staff put into this company. It’s truly the best nursing team ever.Take it from me who works with several other companies.5⭐️ Plus agency. Don’t hesitate to call us at Nest And Care.whether you are looking for care for your love ones, or a fantastic place to work. You will not be disappointed. We will Show you how to put your fear into care🥇🙏🏼🙏🏼.
kerryann denton
kerryann denton
20:59 30 Jan 22
Nest & Care is great! I work as a caregiver. They have excellent communication & a wonderful staff that are always eager to help. They have helped me a lot in my professional development & I have been able to gain a lot of experience with the company. I feel appreciated & I highly recommend working here for all CNAs- both new & experienced.
jocelyn fuentes
jocelyn fuentes
20:57 04 Jan 22
I am an Aging Life Care manager and can say with confidence that the team at Nest & Care has gone out of their way for my clients. They are creative, caring, and cheerful.
Bree B
Bree B
21:48 28 Dec 21
Taylor D
Taylor D
19:43 25 Oct 21
Nest and care is Best home care agency and best staff team.I am glad work for this company 5 stars is not enough to appreciate all the team.
Tabezaw Alemayehu
Tabezaw Alemayehu
14:52 29 Sep 21
My mom was initially hesitant about receiving in home care. She thought that she would feel uncomfortable with a stranger coming into her home. She felt comfortable with Patricia right away and now looks forward to her coming. My sisters and I are so relieved to have someone reliable, hard working and kind visiting our mom and helping her with everything from driving her to medical appointments, organizing her home and taking walks with her. We highly recommend Patricia and all of the staff at Nest and Care, and feel that they are an extension of our family.
Lisa Ring
Lisa Ring
16:58 17 Jan 21
What can I say. I interviewed several agencies in my effort to pick the best for my Mom. Nest and Care was by far the most thorough on the initial assessment. So much so that I thought they would be too rigid for my Mother. So I was going to go with another company but scheduling conflicts concerned me and I went with my second choice Nest and Care. Even though I told Kat I that I was going with another company when I reached out to her to ask if she could accommodate the schedule for my Mom she immediately said yes. Because I lost time I wanted the care to begin immediately and she made it happen. The paperwork was just as thorough as the assessment and the process and communication was and remains seamless.To the good part Nest and Care sent a CNA who is absolutely priceless. They matched my mother to someone who would be able to relate to her and accomplish the goal that we set. With elders familiarity and the ability to maintain a level of control over their own lives is core. As much as they may need help and guidance, it has to be done in a balanced way that does not diminish them and all they’ve achieved. Our Assistant is bigger than a professional, she is an Angel. Because I am out of town and could not be there for my Mom to get everything that I need for her to have done, this Assistant and this company has taken a great weight off of our family by letting us know that my Mom can continue to maintain her independence In her own home and familiar with great-no exceptional support and care.Words can never express my gratitude for this most essential service and this essential Assistant. But to them I say thank you and recommend them highly to other families like ours.
Zoe Spencer
Zoe Spencer
23:54 09 Dec 20
Very friendly staff
Sharon Herbert
Sharon Herbert
13:34 03 Dec 20
Kat, Icey and their team are FANTASTIC! Their communication is excellent. All of the caregivers are caring and compassionate and they have been extremely helpful to my family member. I would highly recommend Nest and Care for home health care needs.
Ashley Grant Nickoles
Ashley Grant Nickoles
20:02 30 Nov 20
Caregivers are wonderful. They are engaging with mom and encouraging her to do as much as she can.
Joyce Geer
Joyce Geer
19:20 10 Oct 20
It is good to be part of the team {Nest & Care}. Since I started working with them, I feel good accepting any cases they offer because all of my clients appreciate the care that I provide. All in all, it is great to be part of the team!
KarlVik Doo
KarlVik Doo
20:24 01 Sep 20
I have worked as a caregiver for Nest & Care for about ten months. I am leaving soon to relocate, and want to say a few words about them.They are a great company to work for, and I really enjoyed the experience! Since day one, Kat and Icey have been wonderful. They sincerely care about their employees and clients, and matched me up perfectly with a very compatible homecare They are very smart, warm, reliable, and helpful. I highly recommend Nest & Care on every level!
Chris Quinn
Chris Quinn
01:58 17 Aug 20
Contracted with Nest and Care to provide in home nursing support for an elderly mother who was moved home out of a LTC facility during the Covid crisis and I couldn't recommend them more highly. Highly responsive and flexible while providing competent and professional in home care.
Peter Shipley
Peter Shipley
13:22 28 Jul 20
Nest and Care was recommended to me for help finding a caregiver to assist my sister. My sister had just survived Covid-19. Within a few days after my sister returned to her nursing home, Kat called and informed me that she had found a person who can work with my sister. Kat had inquired me thoroughly about my sister’s physical and mental conditions, her needs at the nursing home. My sister was very weak. The caregiver would work with nursing home staff to help with feeding, cleaning and physical therapy. In addition the caregiver keeps me informed of progresses my sister makes with regards to regaining her strength, her speech and her mobility. Also the caregiver helps facilitate my communication with my sister via phone and facetime. Kat and her staff also informs me of safety procedures required by the government that her caregivers follow in order to ensure the well being of nursing home residents.Nest and Care staff and caregivers are always attentive and caring about my sister. They are patient and always available whenever I have questions for them . It is clear to me that their main goal is to help people under their care feel comfortable and stay healthy. And they perform their tasks in a professional and caring manner.I would give the level of Nest and Care performance “Excellence” (5 stars) and highly recommend them to any family that needs their services.Thank you all at Nest and Care.
H Nguyen
H Nguyen
18:28 27 Jul 20
8606 2nd Avenue Office
8606 2nd Avenue Office
12:11 03 Jul 20
Nest & Care helped my mom while recovering after hip surgery. Kat was very responsive to our questions, and really put our mind to ease. She walked us through what's going to happen especially during the transition from rehab to home. She brought the caregiver to the rehab center before my mom got discharged to train with the physical therapist and that really made a lot of difference when we finally took her home. The caregivers were able to work with her on a daily basis and it really maximized her recovery. She is now fully recovered from hip surgery and is enjoying life!! We are so thankful to these angels!
Kristina Lee
Kristina Lee
05:08 03 Jul 20
Lisa Hoston
Lisa Hoston
22:24 16 May 20
The Nest & Care team provided superb care for my elderly parents while my dad went through a long illness. Their care providers were experienced, always helpful, and very loving and kind! We frequently had shifting schedule needs and they always accommodated coverage for us through 24 hour shifts, and at the last-minute when needed!My family is so grateful that we found Kat and her wonderful group of personal caregivers, I highly recommend their services!
Heather Jordan
Heather Jordan
20:12 12 May 20
I currently work for Nest & Care, it has been a great experience. They are more than welcoming and care for all their clients and caregivers.
Vidania Gonzalez
Vidania Gonzalez
21:35 22 Apr 20
working with this agency has been the best experience so far. They care for both their clients and their employers and they will go all the way to make sure you have the best services. I'll recommend it to anyone looking for an in-home care agency.
Marcelle Kamdem
Marcelle Kamdem
19:59 22 Jan 20
I am currently a CNA and I love working for Nest & Care. Their staff is very responsive and they really care about their caregivers and their clients.
Angelina Lansangan
Angelina Lansangan
20:11 21 Oct 19
I currently work for Nest & Care and the company is amazing. The owner Kat is the best, she is punctual, respectful and very professional. The services provided thru the company amazed me when I first joined. For me to see the clients happy and excited to see their caregivers and Kat during visits makes me happy. What I found unique about the company is their culture of making sure that both the client and caregivers are happy. They go with the caregiver every first shift to make sure they are comfortable and training on the client. They also check in with the caregiver after the first shift and after a week with the client and the caregiver to get feedback on the shift. Also, to make sure both client and caregiver are satisfied with the services brought to them. The company is all about the services and satisfaction of the client and caregivers.I love the company, I can see myself growing with the company, based on what has been offered and what I've been capable of doing. I would recommend anyone who needs in home care services such as sitting, companion and personal care to try this company. They are amazing and understanding and very accommodating to any clients situation.
Isatu Kamara
Isatu Kamara
17:18 18 Oct 19
Without reservation, I recommend Nest and Care to anyone who is in need of home-care services. Katherina Villaneuva, Administrator, is an exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful professional who is currently caring for my husband, now in the advanced stages of Parkinson's Disease (PD). Every step of the way, from my first application to delivery of services, she has demonstrated that Nest and Care is a company ready to do the absolute maximum to custom tailor its care-giving services to a client's needs. Moreover, I find Katherina herself to be a person of exceptionally high character. She is understanding and kind, gives her services a personal touch, and truly empathizes with caregivers (who constitute a new "class" of citizen in and of themselves in our society today.) I had almost despaired of finding anyone who couldoccasionally take my place, but she is helping me do it. I can vouch one hundred percent for Nest and Care as the kind of Home Nursing entity that caretakers need more of. That is, companies that will individualize their care, and are willing to be creative in meeting difficult cases and needs -- while upholding the highest quality of professionalism paired with compassion.
Paige Sullivan
Paige Sullivan
00:12 12 Mar 19
I am very pleased to be writing this review for Nest & Care. Everyone that I have come in contact with was very professional and knowledgeable about the topic at hand. We found Nest & Care while searching for senior help online one night.They walked us through the process and made sure that my family member was comfortable ,safe and well attended throughout the day, especially when I am at work and I cant be there .
K. Nowledge
K. Nowledge
15:09 20 Feb 19
Nest & Care came along when I needed them most. My mother passed away unexpectedly last spring and, although I wanted to move my dad into an apartment near me in NJ, I also wanted to honor his desire to stay in his home of nearly 50 years. He didn't wanted to lose my mom and his home. Because he's in his 80s and I have three young children of my own, I needed to find someone quickly to not only help him, but also be my eyes and ears on the ground. As a caring RN, Kat has arranged for him to have healthy meals available, and has also filled the much-needed role of navigator and advocate for his healthcare needs. Of course, I would love to be able to do this for him. But as a busy mom living 3.5 hours away, I just can't. Kat has put my mind at ease, knowing that there is someone nearby who also has his best interests at heart.
Elizabeth Jackson
Elizabeth Jackson
19:20 06 Feb 19
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How It Works

Your Personalized Care Starts Here

Personalized home care services are provided to the pediatric, adult, and geriatric population in a respectful, professional, and dedicated way. You can rest assured that the assistance given to our clients is meant to improve their current lifestyles and conditions.


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Call (240) 226-3310 to describe your needs

Call our Care Advisor to discuss your care needs, skills requirements, and schedule


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Schedule a FREE in-home assessment with RN

Our in-depth assessment will allow us to create a personalized care plan.


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We carefully match you with the right caregiver

We take into consideration skill sets, personality and schedule to provide the perfect match.


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Stay up-to-date through our online portal

Use your private Family Portal access to view your loved one’s care notes and care plans.

Trust & Safety

Peace of Mind Guarantee


In-Person Interview

Every caregiver comes in for a face to face interview and personality assessment.


CNA/RN Certification

Here at Nest and Care Silver Spring – Bethesda Home Health Care, we screen for specific nursing certifications such as CNA, CMT, GNA, LPN, and RN.


Background Check

We run comprehensive federal, national, state and county-level background checks on all caregivers.


Caregiver Matching Program

We find the right caregiver for you by considering your specific needs, experience, personality, skill set, and much more. Our caregivers feel like family, and you and your loved ones will look forward to spending time together


Employer & Character References

We contact multiple past employers to collect references and validate work history.


RN is always on call

Rest easy knowing that a Nest and Care Silver Spring – Bethesda Home Health Care RN is on call 24/7 and ready to assist you should the need ever arise.


No Contracts

Pay only for the services provided, and you’ll never have to worry about getting locked into a contract.


Bonded & Insured

Nest and Care Silver Spring – Bethesda Home Health Care covers workman’s compensation, unemployment benefits, training, state and employment taxes, as well as theft and up to $3 million professional liability insurance for our care providers.

Dedication Beyond Measure

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to consistently provide high-quality in-home care to our fellow Marylanders who are recovering from illness, living with disabilities, and our aging adults who may need support in the privacy of their own home for the sole purpose of achieving the best quality of life imaginable.

Our Core Values



We are fully committed to honor our clients with respect and privacy at all times.



We are committed to understanding what others are going through, we empathize with them, and we show them that we love and care for them.



We are committed to consistently exercising all efforts possible to keep our word as promised.



We commit ourselves to the quality of possessing and adhering to high moral principles and the highest of professionalstandards.


Consistent Quality of Service

We are committed to consistently delivering quality services and fulfilling our client’s needs promptly and thoroughly.

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Learn How To Choose

The Right Home Care Provider

Finding the best agency for your loved one takes time, careful research and conversations about home care preferences. Download this free e-book to help you navigate your way through in-home care.

  • Signs your loved one needs in-home care
  • Decision-making process
  • How to search for a caregiver
  • Questions to ask when talking to different agencies
  • The average cost of In-home care in Maryland
  • Different ways In-home care is paid for

Know when is the best time for a loved to receive in-home care, if it is the right type of care your family needs, and how to navigate through it.

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