Elderly Care Potomac, MD: Questions for Elderly Care Agency
Elderly Care Potomac, MD: Questions for Elderly Care Agency

Making arrangements for elderly care services may seem stressful, but there are ways to make it easier. Once you’ve read reviews and talked to friends and family members to learn more about home care solutions, it’s time to talk to a specialist who can help you set up a care plan and hire caregivers. Don’t forget to ask these questions. 
What is the Agency’s Elder Care Philosophy? 
You should ask what the elderly care agency’s philosophy is. Some may not make it obvious so ask. Ideally, you want caregivers that treat your parents with respect. You want caregivers that give your parents a voice and allow them to give input on their care and daily routines. 
Is There a Free Assessment? 
Before you sign up for elderly care services, does someone go to your parents’ home and provide a free assessment? Would a specialist look at their daily routines, strengths, and weaknesses and make sure they’re only getting the services they need? If those needs change, who decides what services are added and when they are? 
Ask about a safety assessment at the same time. It may not be free, but it’s important to consider having it completed. Rather than risk a fall, your parents could have their home and mobility assessed by a professional and figure out ways that the home and daily routine could be made safer. 
What Hours Are Available? 
You should find out if the elderly care agency provides 24-hour services. Your parents may not need overnight care right now, but what happens if you are assigned to second or third shift? What if a parent with Alzheimer’s starts wandering at night? If an agency has overnight availability, it might be better than having to switch months or years from now. 
Is There a Standard List of Services or Will You Work With Unique Needs? 
Many agencies have a list of services. If your parents need help with things that aren’t often on standard lists, you need to know that caregivers will help with that need. For example, your parents can’t walk their dog on their own. Some caregivers might be willing to help your parents walk the dog, remember to feed them, and wash pet bowls and refill them with water. 
Once you have an idea of what elderly care services best match your parents’ needs, make arrangements for daily or weekly caregiver visits. Your parents have assistance with daily activities, and you have peace of mind that they’re not struggling while living alone. Talk to an elderly care representative to set up a care plan. 

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