It’s past time to talk about long-term care plans. It’s impossible to predict exactly how the future will play out. Having a plan in place for different scenarios is a good way to be prepared for the unexpected. 
What Are Your Parents’ Goals?

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Caregiver in Olney, MD: Long-Term Care Plans

What are your parents’ goals in the weeks, months, and years to come? They may not have firm plans, but they may know if they want to move to another state or country or stay in the current family home. 
Weigh this and have a plan in place to handle situations that may arise. If your parents can’t get in and out of the raised ranch without using stairs, setting up the lowest level with a kitchen area, bathroom, living space, bedroom, and bathroom/laundry would work. 
Does Anyone Else Want to Help With Care? 
Are there people in the family who would want to help your parents? Your siblings, yourself, your cousins, or a close family friend may want to help out. 
You can narrow down care needs by using schedules to fill in days when your parents can have others stopping by to clean the house. Family members can help cook meals or be available to drive them around. 
Are There People They Wouldn’t Want Caring for Them? 
Are there people in the family that your parents wouldn’t want to help them out? Your aunt has always criticized your dad, and he has anxiety being around her. He would want someone else helping him. 
Your mom is allergic to dogs. Your cousin will only help with housekeeping if she can bring her dog. She refuses to crate her dog while she’s cleaning. She may not be an ideal choice to help out. 
What Are the Chances That Their Health Will Drastically Change? 
Years of excellent check-ups do paint a positive picture of health for your mom or dad. Still, there are things that may happen. Your mom may slip on ice and fracture her hip. Your dad is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. These situations do impact care needs. 
How Will They Pay for Caregivers? 
If your parents are living from one pension check or Social Security payment to the next, it may be hard to find the money for caregivers. It’s not impossible. 
Start looking for ways to cut their expenses. A reverse mortgage or home equity loan may become the best way to afford care. If your parents have long-term care insurance policies, that helps. 
What About Professional Caregivers? 
Caregivers from a home care agency help your parents stay independent. They’re helpful by being there for the company or assisting with more challenging tasks. Fees for caregivers vary depending on the number of days and services that are requested. Call an agency to learn more. 


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