Wife Comforting Senior Husband Suffering With Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease is very common in the senior population, and it’s also the most common kind of dementia. When someone has dementia, caring for them has to be more dedicated and focused. Many family members will seek assistance from providers of in home care in Montgomery County, Md so that they can fully extend the quality care that their loved one deserves.

So, is there a way to spot Alzheimer’s disease in its early stages? Thankfully, there are. Let us enumerate them for you:

  • Forgetfulness that is more frequent than normal
    While forgetting events or dates can be common among the elderly, their repetitive forgetfulness can be suspicious. When you observe this occurrence of memory loss, take your loved one to their doctor very soon.
  • Easily losing track of time or place
    Recognizing events or dates can be increasingly difficult for people with early Alzheimer’s symptoms. They may be unable to recognize their present whereabouts or even how or why they got there in the first place.
  • Inability to follow through plans and solutions
    Your loved one will have a hard time working with numbers, such as when they have to take more than one medication. At this point, the assistance of providers of home health care in Takoma Park, Maryland can be very helpful.
  • Difficulty to complete even familiar activities
    A person’s concentration ability can also be affected with the early onset of Alzheimer’s. Consequently, routine activities that require critical thinking, such as driving to their workplace, may take a longer time to accomplish.
  • Easily misplacing items
    They start putting things in unusual locations, such as the car keys inside the freezer, leading to think that someone has stolen such item.
  • Loss of vision
    The person can also experience vision problems, such as increasing inability to read. They may need constant companionship from providers of home care solutions in Silver Spring, Maryland.
  • Going through extreme mood changes
    Your loved one may also fluctuate in their moods and personality, especially manifesting signs of confusion, anxiety, or depression. They also get easily irritated when a usual activity is not carried out.
  • Withdrawing from their social circles
    They don’t often participate in social gatherings or the activities that they previous enjoy or find important, such that they will need to be accompanied by personnel giving home care solutions in Potomac, Maryland.

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