Mental Stimulation Activities for Seniors

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Mental Stimulation Activities for Seniors

While walking or jogging exercises can help strengthen the physical aspect of your senior loved one, other activities can also stimulate their mental prowess and memory. As key providers of in home care in Montgomery County, MD, we help you achieve better memory functioning to your aging family member with the following brain-boosting activities:

  • Word Puzzles

    The goal of word puzzles is to identify a specific word and make these words connect with others in the puzzle. In playing this, the brain will undergo a lot of thinking and analyzing in order to arrive at the correct answer. These activities keep their brain neurons working well so that their memory is also enhanced.

  • Educational Games

    Since the online world is full of interactive resources, your senior loved one can easily have access to games that can help stimulate their mental functionality. When you’re not personally around to assist your senior loved one, a professional provider of home care services in Silver Spring, Maryland can step in for you and assist them in navigating through the online resource.

  • Arts and Crafts

    Aside from being a hobby potential, doing arts and crafts also makes way for the feeling of fulfillment and productivity when a senior finishes one item. Along with this, their brain can also be stimulated with creative imagination so that they can bring out wonderful outputs in their finished product.

  • Bingo

    Whether with other seniors or with a care provider extending home health care in Takoma Park, Maryland, your loved one can reap the brain-boosting benefits of playing Bingo while enjoying the fun and exciting experience. Since this game exercises their hearing, holding, and seeing senses, their brain can assist them well in making these functionalities work.

  • Jigsaw Puzzles

    With the hundred or thousand pieces that your senior loved one needs to complete, they will have a fun time thinking, analyzing, and remembering where to put a puzzle piece. Aside from these brain-enhancing results, jigsaw puzzles also help your senior loved one stay calm as they can concentrate well in finishing up the puzzle. Our team providing home care services in Potomac, Maryland can also keep them company as they finish up with this game.

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Katharina Villanueva

Katharina Villanueva


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She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines in 1998. Kat is married to Mikael, a pediatric surgeon. They have 3 boys and 3 dogs.