Senior Care Germantown, MD: Lifelong Learning
Senior Care Germantown, MD: Lifelong Learning

Learning new skills and information after retirement has been receiving a lot of positive attention lately. More and more, seniors are choosing to participate in college classes geared toward older adults. Research suggests that lifelong learning can help keep an older body and mind active, prevent physical and cognitive decline, and can go a long way toward maintaining health and happiness. Evidence exists that lifelong learning can: 

  • reduce age-related cognitive decline 
  • improve memory 
  • increase overall activity level 
  • combat depression 
  • improve poor self-image  

Studies have also shown a significant difference in emotional balance, productivity, general health awareness and social activity in groups of seniors who participate in university-based lifelong learning programs.  

Keeping the Brain Active 

Learning new skills or information can help keep the brain in shape and the mind sharp. Participation in college courses for older adults has been shown to improve seniors’ memory, maintain their brain health, reduce cognitive decline and improve information-finding skills. 

Keeping the Body Active 

There appears to be a correlation between continued learning and physical activity as well. This may be because many seniors lean towards learning opportunities that get them up and moving. To attend a lecture at a university, the senior needs to get up, get ready and leave the house to get there. They need to walk to and from their car into the lecture hall. 

Emotional Wellbeing 

Lifelong learning contributes to positive feelings of self-esteem, confidence and pride. It can increase a senior’s feelings of independence and contribute to a better overall emotional balance.  

Social Connection 

Attending a class or learning a new skill from another person can be a great way to connect with others who have similar interests. Studies suggest that participation in lifelong learning courses positively impact seniors’ social activity. 


Whether picking up a new hobby, learning a new skill or attending a university lecture series, learning something new can improve an older adult’s quality of life and perk up their day. Some seniors may face hardships with transportation, difficulty walking, limited energy levels, or other challenges that may have them feeling that their days of learning are behind them. However, these are arguably the seniors who could benefit the most!  

Senior Care can Help 

Senior care agencies specialize in helping older adults overcome the challenges of aging to live their best life. They can help with transportation, mobility needs, and taking care of energy-taxing activities like housework to enable the senior to utilize their energy in the most rewarding ways. 

Senior care aides come to an older adult’s home to provide any number of customized services from their robust menu of options. The menu includes services such as: 

  • Assistance with personal home care 
  • Laundry  
  • Light housework 
  • Transportation  
  • Shopping or errand support 

The senior care aide could even come to the home, assist an older adult to get ready to go, assist them into the car and handle their walker or lightweight wheelchair. The aide could drive the senior to the class and stay there with them, pushing a wheelchair or assisting as needed. Alternatively, the aide could wait with the car, so that when the class is over, they are ready to drive the senior home, or assist them further as needed. 

A quick call to the senior care agency can answer any questions, make arrangements to start services, or set up a session on a trial basis. 

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