How Enough Water Intake Benefits Seniors

The basic requirement for every person when it comes to water intake is approximately 7 glasses every day, which is about 2.5 liters in total. These can be served anytime, during meals, in between meals, before and after exercising, and along with other activities. Being a trusted provider of in home care in Montgomery County, MD, we recognize that vital need of hydration for seniors.

Hence, we share with you these important reasons to keep them hydrated daily.

  • Improves Brain Function

    When your senior loved one is hydrated, they can be able to concentrate well and have a better mood. This is reflected from studies showing that dehydration results in the impairment of important brain functions, including focus and concentration. Furthermore, dehydration can easily happen for seniors whose thirst sense decline over the years. Ensuring that they’re hydrated helps improve their mental functionality.

  • Improves Physical Performance

    Your aging loved one also need to participate in activities that get them moving. These can be exercise routines or a few hours spent on gardening. While caregivers providing home health care in Rockville, Maryland can assist them in these activities, they also need to be hydrated so that their bones and muscles can loosen up with an adequate amount of water. Sweating in these physical activities can easily lead to dehydration, and drinking water can replenish this loss.

  • Improves Digestion

    A good number of seniors also face constipation problems, especially in the late aging years. This can be due to their low water consumption especially because they no longer find themselves thirsty when necessary. When a caregiver providing in home care in Bethesda, Maryland is ensuring that they drink water every once in a while, their digestion improves, and constipation struggles abated.

  • Manages Weight Loss

    Seniors also need to maintain their healthy weight especially if they already have chronic ailments. One way they can maintain their weight is by staying hydrated. Drinking water, especially about half an hour before a meal, is seen to improve a person’s metabolism. So when a care provider is assisting your loved one in their meals, remind them to drink water before eating to facilitate good metabolism.

  • Helps Against Headaches

    Since headaches are closely associated with dehydration or the lack of adequate water in the body, drinking enough water can overcome these types of headaches. While water doesn’t really treat headaches, they help reduce the intensity and frequency of these occurrences.

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