Dementia is a progressive illness that affects about 50 million people around the world. Since there is no cure for the disease, it is quite challenging to care for those who have it. Over time, family members with dementia will find it hard to remember and understand basic details such as places, names, dates, and people. It is at that stage where communication between mom or dad who has dementia and the care provider becomes difficult. Caregivers can, however, help to reduce memory impairment by connecting with their loved ones who have dementia. One effective way to do so is by engaging in stimulating but stress-free activities that give them pleasure. Here are some recommended activities for in-home care providers in Silver Spring, MD:

  • Bake or Cook Simple Recipes Together
    Preparing simple meals together can help dementia patients feel confident and fulfilled. When you finish making the meal, show them the result. They will feel accomplished knowing that they were involved in the whole process. You, however, need to ensure that they do not go too close to the fire.
  • Do Simple House Chores
    Another fun activity for providers of in-home care is doing chores together. They can choose to wipe the table, clean up the patio, fold towels, or even water flowers around the home. They need to feel like they are contributing to the household.
  • Read Stories
    Reading is great exercise for the brain. It can help family members with dementia use their long-term memory and relate to their past. It is advised that patients are given short stories to read instead of long books.
  • Do Arts and Crafts
    Knitting and painting are some of the easiest things that mom or dad with dementia can engage in. It helps them relax and allows them to explore their creativity. No matter the type of arts and crafts you want your mom or dad to get involved in, ensure that the tools are simple and easy to work with.
  • Listen to Music
    Listening to music is one of the best ways to overcome anxiety. Listening to music from their past can help stimulate their memory and give them a reason to be happy. It is recommended that they play a musical instrument or sing whatever comes to mind.
  • Watch Family Videos
    Your family member with dementia needs to be reminded of their past from time to time and family videos may help them remember people and special events. Entertaining them with familiar videos that they themselves are a part of can prove helpful in the long run.
  • Work on a Puzzle
    To reinforce your parent’s problem-solving skills, caregivers need to get them involved in activities that will make them think and exert their brain just a little. You can enlarge and laminate a photo, cut it into four pieces, and ask your mom or dad to put it together. You can also add a daily crossword puzzle to the routine.

Since dementia is a progressive disease, our goal as a home care provider in Montgomery County, Maryland is to improve the quality of life of your loved one and to enable them to live the best life possible despite their needs. They need the best care they can get as their functional, physical, and cognitive abilities decrease over the years.

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