5 Reasons to Choose Agency Caregivers over Private Ones

The caregiver selection process can be tricky for first-timers. Naturally, we’d want our loved ones to receive care from the most caring and qualified professionals in the field. While it’s never fair to conclude that agency caregivers are generally better than private ones, the following reasons ensure that hiring from an agency is more likely to result in quality care for your elderly or disabled family member and less headaches for you.

Nest & Care is a provider of in-home care in Montgomery County, MD that strongly advises you to choose agency caregivers over their freelance counterparts.

  1. Thorough screening.

    Home care agencies are registered businesses who are all about providing the best care and protecting their reputation. Their efforts to accomplish this are supplemented by the implementation of rigorous screening tests, credentialing and background checks for their applicants.  Home care agencies are also usually regulated by the state and have to adhere to strict requirements like having an annual TB screening and a clearance from physician that they are free from communicable disease as well as having an updated CPR/First aid training.

  2. Patient-centered care.

    Agencies are very particular about delivering a unique brand of care that is structured around the specific needs and goals of their patient.  A registered nurse has clinical oversight of the client’s condition, and plan of care is centered around the client’s goals and needs, as well as medical condition. Nest & Care has different programs such as neuro care or integrated wellness program that is personalized to address our client’s needs.

  3. Licensed, bonded, and insured caregivers.

    Reputable home care agencies have caregivers who are licensed, insured, and bonded, meaning you’re provided an additional safety net in case losses and damages might incur during the care process.

  4. Employees not independent contractors.

    Most home care agencies employ their caregivers, which means that the employer is responsible for social security taxes, Medicare, unemployment compensation, workers compensation, withholding payroll taxes and completing the government reporting forms.

  5. Training.

    Aside from having a clinical oversight of the client’s care, most home care agencies provide quarterly or annual continuing education to train and retrain caregivers so they are equipped with up to date knowledge and skills to be able to give the best care possible.  This is not usually readily available to most private caregivers.

If your family happens to be in need of a caregiver, don’t hesitate to partner with one from Nest & Care, a reputable provider of home health care in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Have you tried hiring either a private caregiver or agency caregiver in the past? Please share your insights regarding the experience in the comment section.

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