Male caretaker assisting senior man in using digital tablet at nursing home porch

Identity theft can happen to anyone. However, senior individuals are often targeted due to the following reasons:

Aging and retired individuals often have more savings and financial benefits coming from their previous jobs as well as their pensions.
They are also more trusting and will easily fall for scammers’ tricks due to their dependence on physical and emotional support from other people.

They don’t want their younger family members to know that they are unable to protect themselves because of their need to hold on to their independence, such as their false perception about in home care in Montgomery County, Md. So, many of them won’t report identity theft.

You have to be active in battling identity theft before it happens. Protect your senior family members’ identity through the following tips:

  1. Discuss to them about assigning someone to handle financial matters.

    That someone should be a person they trust, preferably a responsible and reliable family member. Such individuals will manage most activities related to their finances, including paying for home care solutions in Silver Spring, MD. With this, someone can keep an eye on their financial accounts. If there are questionable transactions, that person can immediately notify the family and act on it.

    If your loved ones assign you, make sure to keep their bank records and financial documents stored safely and securely. If there are documents that are not needed anymore, shred them immediately.

  2. Remind them not to give out their personal information to just anyone.

    Always tell them to keep this information to themselves or only to give them to someone they have authorized. Additionally, let them know about the dangers of social media. Tell them not to post anything about their personal information.

  3. Warn them about suspicious emails.

    Scammers use phishing emails to gather personal information illegally. Warn your loved ones about emails that ask them to give out their personal information, such as passwords or Social Security Numbers. If they receive one, delete the email immediately and block the address.

  4. Visit them regularly.

    While a provider of home health care in Rockville, MD may be present in your senior family members’ home for care and assistance, the best way to check on their safety is through regular visits. Check on them now and then, too, not only during visits but through calls and texts.

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