Helper Serving Senior Woman With Meal In Care Home

Most senior individuals want to preserve their independence. They often say that they are okay and are still capable of doing a lot of things even when they are showing the opposite. As such, the duty of determining whether they require further assistance may rest on your hands or the hands of the younger family members.

To help you out, here are 4 general signs that in-home care may already be a necessity for your aging loved ones:

  1. Unkempt home

    Aging often leads to changes in the way our body functions. We can become weaker, less mobile, and less flexible. As a result, senior individuals will have a hard time completing various tasks at home. Many of them even stop doing such tasks due to inconvenience and physical incapability.

    If you see changes in your loved ones’ living environment in terms of cleanliness and organization, it may be time for them to acquire the services of a provider of in home care in Montgomery County, MD. An unkempt home usually signifies that they are unable to clean their living environment on their own. This is most especially true when they always keep their home clean in the past.

  2. Changes in personal appearance and behavior

    Along with their neglect or incapacity to keep their home clean and organized, they may also be unable to care for themselves. Their personal appearance may say it all. For instance, they may give off a strong smell signaling that they may not be taking a bath for several days. Other indications include long nails, smelly breath, bad personal hygiene, and even weight loss.

    Behavioral changes may also be noticeable. They may lose interest in their favorite hobbies. They may be confused more often. They may even have less social interactions. In this situation, your loved one may be in need of home health care in Rockville, MD already.

  3. Unpaid bills

    Were your parents paying their bills on time before and now have troubles keeping up with the due dates? This can be a sign that they are getting confused with dates, thereby needing reminders from time to time. When unpaid bills pile up, their finances can suffer. They may need someone to manage their finances and pay their bills on time.

  4. Age-related conditions

    When your aging loved ones are diagnosed with certain conditions related to aging, then, tapping home care solutions in Silver Spring, Maryland may be warranted. A healthcare professional can look after them, assist them with, or perform their daily tasks on their behalf.

Upon noticing these signs, please contact Nest & Care to take advantage of our services. We will be evaluating your loved ones’ situation further to determine which care option is best to address their needs. Call now!

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