by | Nov 16, 2021 | Caregiver Silver Spring MD, Agency Caregivers, Family Caregiver

Leading Senior Care Agency on Mission to Educate aging Marylanders About Long-Term Care Insurance Benefits and Rising Care Costs 

SILVER SPRING, MD — Nest & Care, a senior-focused, family-run, caregiver-centric in-home care provider, is on a mission to educate Maryland’s aging population about the importance of advanced long-term care planning and the benefits of purchasing long-term care insurance. 

Katharina Villanueva, Nest and Care’s founder and CEO, is hosting a series of long-term care insurance educational seminars, collaborating with several Montgomery County-based independent senior living communities, offering aging Marylanders critical information about rising long-term care costs and long-term care planning options available to them. 

“I’m on a mission to provide our senior community with every available resource to assist in helping them make informed decisions about their future long-term care options. Our aging friends and neighbors deserve quality, patient-focused, long-term care options, and I want them to know that Nest and Care will support them throughout every step of what can be a complicated and daunting process.” 

“It’s so important that we have our finances in order so we can enjoy the fruits of our labor,” Villanueva said.

“The Silver Tsunami is coming! Ten thousand Americans turn sixty-five every day until the year 2030. And in 20 years, 20% of our population will be sixty-five and above! We must begin planning now to ensure that we can afford the inevitable rise in long-term care costs.”

Villanueva, a registered nurse, pointed out that her Silver Spring home care agency “specializes in understanding the fundamentals behind long-term care insurance and helping its clients navigate the nuances of their policies.” 

“I have a message for our aging community: Nest and Care is your ally and your long-term care insurance partner,” Villanueva said. 

“Nest and Care is offering complimentary long-term care insurance consultations.” 

“If you have a long-term care insurance policy and if you want to understand your available care benefits, I encourage you to contact Nest and Care today! Our dedicated staff will schedule a complimentary consultation to help you dissect your long-term care benefits,” Villanueva said. 

Villanueva urged Marylanders to keep abreast of President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s Build Back Better legislation currently being debated in Congress. 

“This legislation is game-changing for America’s aging population,” Villanueva said. 

“The Build Back Better legislation is expected to upgrade Medicare and Medicaid benefits and provide greater access to home and community-based services for Americans sixty-five and older,” she said. 

“Keep an eye on Congress and the White House’s negotiations. If Congress approves the president’s agenda, once signed into law, the Build Back Better legislation could have significant policy implications for Americans over the age of sixty-five. 



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