Activities for Seniors with mobility issues

5 Fun Activities for Seniors With Mobility Issues

Fifty-four million people in the United States are living with disabilities.

38% of adults 65 years old and older live with disabilities.

As people age, mobility decreases because of stroke and arthritis. Fall-related injuries also contribute to mobility issues.

Mobility limitations notwithstanding, aging seniors can continue to enjoy everyday activities.

Senior Citizens may Love Arts and Crafts

Hobbies are an excellent way for elderly and aging adults to release their creativity and learn
something new.

Arts and crafts can help seniors suffering from chronic diseases. Moreover, seniors who routinely participate in arts and crafts can mitigate symptoms of psychological impairments, reduce negative emotions, stress and anxiety. Arts and crafts are an excellent way for seniors to boost cognitive abilities.

Coloring, making cards, knitting are also fun activities for seniors with mobility issues. Senior could also try gardening, bird watching, cooking, and baking to remain active.

Learning a new language or learning how to play a musical instrument are fun activities for aging adults.

Studies show that learning a new skill can enhance cognitive thinking.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is still possible for aging and elderly adults.

Seniors can experience numerous health benefits from regular exercise; it can improve their physical and emotional health and boost their mood.

Some seniors may choose to exercise at a gym or fitness club or decide to exercise at home.

Elderly adults can exercise in their homes to ensure proper blood circulation and prevent muscle atrophy. These workouts shouldn’t be strenuous or intense; they should focus more on improving strength and agility.

TV, Movies & Music

Elderly adults who experience reduced mobility may share many frustrations.

Watching movies and television shows is a fun “time-out activity.” Doing so can be a source of
entertainment, and it can help seniors tap into their imaginations, invoking memories and feelings of nostalgia.

Listening to music has the same advantages, too.

In addition, music improves immune function and sleep, and it helps mitigate memory loss. Scientific studies show music may offer seniors a “healing power” when recovering from injuries or surgery.

Playing Games

Playing games with family and friends can be a fun and enjoyable group activity!

Bingo, Dominoes, Boggle, Monopoly, and Scrabble are classic games that can be fun to play with family and friends.

Card games – Bridge, Canasta, Cribbage, Pinochle, Rummy, etc. – are also popular among elderly adults. Jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles can help stimulate seniors’ minds.

Smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops may provide seniors many opportunities to play
multiple games.


Reading offers seniors innumerable health benefits, including:

● Keeping the brain active;
● Increasing vocabulary;
● Reducing stress
● Better sleep quality;
● Minimizing memory loss;

Seniors may also consider joining a book club as a social activity.


Safety is a priority when it comes to older adults who suffer from mobility issues.

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