Your Quick Guide to Understanding Pediatric Stroke

Do you mean to say that my child can also have a stroke? YES.

In fact, pediatric stroke is among the top 10 leading causes of mortality in children. This simply shows why stroke should not be something we should relax about.

As providers of home health care in Rockville, Maryland, be ready with pediatric stroke with this guide to understanding:

    Pediatric stroke is very common in children below two years old. However, the following risk factors increase the triggers of attack:

    • Congenital heart conditions
    • Trauma to the head or neck
    • Mom’s history of infertility
    • Infected fluid of the unborn baby
    • High blood pressure during pregnancy
    It can be very challenging to spot stroke symptoms in infants and children. But you can get assistance from providers of home care solutions in Silver Spring, Maryland to help you watch out for the following symptoms:

    • For Infants
      They have episodes of seizures, too much sleepiness, and uses only one side of their body.
    • For Children/Teens
      They vomit, become dizzy, have severe headaches, too much sleepiness, and loses balance and coordination.
    Pediatric stroke can be easily recovered by children as their brains are still developing. However, this may usher in other complications such as seizures or vision difficulties. Ensure that they get the proper treatment prescribed by their physician. When caring for your child needs extra hands to accomplish, our team can provide for you in home care in Montgomery County, MD.

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