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At Nest & Care, we take immense pride in creating a close-knit community that unites hearts and hands to uplift the lives of individuals in Silver Spring and the rest of Montgomery County. As part of our commitment to fostering strong bonds, we actively engage in co-marketing events that connect us with local facilities, schools and events. Through these meaningful interactions, we share our passion for caregiving, provide valuable resources, and contribute to a compassionate and supportive community. Join us as we explore the impact of our co-marketing events in uniting communities here in Maryland.

    • Strengthening Bonds through Facility Visits:

We understand the significance of personal connections, and that’s why we actively visit facilities, senior centers, and communities in Montgomery County. These visits provide an opportunity for seniors and the facility staff to interact with our team members. Potential clients get to see firsthand the dedication and compassion we bring to our services, which builds trust and confidence in our ability to provide exceptional care.

    • Joining Events:

Nest & Care’s involvement in community events and celebrations in Silver Spring and the surrounding cities is another way we extend our care to the broader public. By joining events, we promote awareness of the importance of home care solutions and the resources available to support seniors and individuals with medical needs. This participation also allows us to connect with potential clients, caregivers, and other healthcare professionals in the community, fostering collaboration and mutual support.


Our dedication to caring for the community extends beyond the present generation. We believe in nurturing the future by visiting schools and inspiring students about the compassionate world of caregiving. 

    • Providing Educational Resources:

Our school visits include distributing educational resources related to caregiving, health management, and senior well-being. We aim to equip students with valuable information to make informed decisions about the care they can offer to their clients if ever they decide to be a caregiver in the future.

Through our co-marketing events, Nest & Care strives to unite hearts and hands in Maryland, creating a community of care and compassion. By actively engaging with local communities and sharing educational resources, we raise awareness about the transformative power of home health care.

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