When your mom no longer can care for her hair, a caregiver or family member needs to help her. If you’re the family carer who is helping wash and style her hair, it may be hard to remember everything you need to do. These hair care tips will help you get everything done as quickly as possible. 

Washing Hair Daily Isn’t Necessary

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Caregiver Potomac, MD: Seniors and Hair Care

People are trained at a young age to wash their hair each day. Some believe conditioning every day is important, too. The truth is that washing hair each day isn’t always necessary.  

After menopause, your mom’s oil glands aren’t releasing as much oil as they used to. Unless she’s prone to very oily skin, washing her hair daily could dry her scalp out. She should be fine washing two or three times a week and using a deep moisturizing treatment once a week if her hair needs it. 

Comb in Conditioner 

While your mom is in the shower or bath, use a wide-toothed comb to comb in the conditioner she needs once a week. Wet, conditioned hair is going to be easier to detangle.  

Let the conditioner sit while you wash the rest of your mom’s body. When you rinse her hair, use warm water rather than hot. That helps prevent a dry scalp. When it’s rinsed, wrap her hair in a towel and let the towel absorb some of the water. 

Avoid Hair Products With Chemicals 

Try to avoid shampoos and conditioners that have chemicals. If the ingredients show parabens or other chemicals, look for a more natural product. That can help prevent drying out the hair. If she has thin, dry hair, egg whites can help improve the hair’s texture and overall look. 

Dry on a Low Temperature 

Ideally, your mom’s hair will be better off if it dries naturally. If she gets cold easily, you may need to blow dry it. Use warm air rather than hot. Don’t let the blowing air stay in one place for too long. You could burn her skin if you don’t keep the flow of air moving. 

Use your fingers to fluff the hair while you dry it. Don’t bother with a brush if you don’t have to use one. 

Caring for your mom’s hair may take more time than you have each day. If you find yourself rushing the time you have to help your mom, it could be time to call in caregivers. Caregivers can help with personal home care and grooming. You’ll be able to devote more time on yourself and fun activities with your mom and leave the hair care to the caregivers. 


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