Why do home care agencies, skilled nursing facilities and home health make for the perfect healthcare partners?

These three healthcare partners are all vital components of our American healthcare continuum!

Skilled nursing facilities collaborate with experienced home care agencies like Nest and Care to ensure SNF patients recovering from a stroke, a heart attack, major surgery, a severe injury or a wound, or another condition requiring around-the-clock medical care can safely discharge into their homes.

But precisely what is a skilled nursing facility, and how do they work with home care?

What is a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)?

SNF care, according to Medicare.gov, is healthcare administered inside a skilled nursing facility by trained therapy staff and nurses to treat, manage, observe and evaluate a patient’s care. Care can include intravenous injections and physical therapy.

Who Pays for SNF Care?

Medicare will only cover certain SNF services needed daily, short-term care (up to 100 days in a benefit period).

SNF care is covered by Medicare – only a short time after a hospitalization.

Who provides care at a SNF?

  • Registered nurses, licensed practical and vocational nurses.
  • Physical and occupational therapists.
  • Speech language pathologists.
  • Audiologists.

Nest and Care’s clients are Maryland aging adults and senior citizens living in Rockville, Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, Olney, Bethesda and Potomac.

Skilled nursing facilities – SNFs for short – prepare patients to discharge into their homes with the help of home care professionals like Nest and Care.

Home Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities are the Perfect Power Partners

SNFs in Montgomery County partner with Nest and Care over less experienced home care agencies because Nest and Care is a clinically-focused home care organization managed and operated by an experienced registered nurse whose experience ranges over two decades.

Nest and Care CEO and Administrator Kat Villanueva has over 21 years of experience caring for patients with neurological and neurosurgical conditions in the acute, subacute and chronic phases.

Kat is also a Critical Care Nurse, certified by the American Association of Critical Care Nursing. Her nursing experience is rooted in caring for the most complex neurologic patients with diagnoses like stroke, Parkinson’s, dementia, brain tumors, Alzheimer’s, seizures, epilepsy, and more.

Why do staff at Skilled Nursing Facilities choose to work with Nest and Care?

Montgomery County’s skilled nursing facilities readily appreciate that Nest and Care offer its clients quality and well-trained caregivers at a moment’s notice.

Nest and Care provide every client with qualified and experienced certified nurse assistants. Each Nest and Care CNA is exceptionally trained and expertly proficient in delivering hands-on, specialized care at home.

SNF social workers and transition nurses managing patient discharges know they can rely upon Nest and Care to treat every patient with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Why SNFs Trust Nest and Care

When social workers and transition nurses entrust Nest and Care with the patients ready to discharge home, a Nest and Client company representative immediately connects with the prospective client and conducts a comprehensive pre-care assessment.

Soon after a Nest and Care company representative completes a pre-care assessment with the prospective client, Nest and Care’s clinical team schedules an in-person clinical evaluation to access the client’s state of health, ambulation and mobility.

Nest and Care’s clinical director, Kat, and its Business Development Director, Ryan, coordinate and communicate with the SNFs social work and nursing teams, collecting as much information as possible up-front to ensure a safe and smooth discharge.

On the day the patient is discharging from the SNF, Nest and Care Business Development Director Ryan Miner greets the client (and their family).

Ryan facilitates the client’s continuity of care from the SNF into the home, where their friendly and experienced caregiver warmly greets the client. Joining the caregiver is Nest and Care’s care manager, Icey, who introduces the caregiver to clients (and their families) and reviews every aspect of the client’s care plan, developed by Nest and Care’s clinical team.

Nest and Care collaborates with Collingswood Rehab during National Rehabilitation Awareness Week

National Rehabilitation Awareness Week is celebrated annually during the third week of September to recognize the numerous benefits of rehabilitation programs (e.g., skilled nursing facilities) and rehab staff.

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National Rehabilitation Awareness Week is September 20-26, 2021.

Collingswood Rehabilitation and Home Health Care Center – a post-acute five-star skilled nursing facility located in Rockville, Maryland – offers inpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing services, and long-term eldercare options.

When skilled nursing facilities like Collingswood Rehab discharge patients into their homes, Nest and Care collaborates closely with SNF social workers and the nursing staff, ensuring every patient comes home safely and doesn’t return to the hospital or the SNF itself.

Nest and Care, Collingswood Rehab and HomeCall Walk into an Ice Cream Shop

Nest and Care banded together with Collingswood Rehab and HomeCall of Rockville (home health) during National Rehabilitation Awareness Week to host an End of Summer Ice Cream Bash on September 21, 2021, the first official day of fall.

The ice cream extravaganza celebrated Montgomery County first responders and front-line healthcare workers. The co-hosted event was held at Bruster’s Real Ice Cream in Gaithersburg, Maryland!

Below are a few pictures from the event!

Nest and Care, Collingswood Rehabilitation and  Home Health Care Center and HomeCall of Rockville host an End of Summer Ice Cream Bash Bruster's Ice Cram in Gaithersburg!
Despite the rain, Ryan (Nest and Care, all the way back), Kerri (Collingswood Rehab, back right) and Ally (HomeCall, front center) had a blast.
Ryan Miner is Nest and Care's fearless Business Development Director.
Nest and Care’s Director of Business Development, Ryan Miner, withstanding the rain and wearing his infamous watermelon shirt and Maryland mask!
Skilled Nursing, Home Health and Home Care host End of Summer Ice Cream Bash in Gaithersburg!
Can you spot Ryan, Kerri and Ally in the group photo?

Collingswood Rehabilitation and Home Health Care Center is dedicated to the post-hospitalization care of individuals recovering from joint replacement, cardiac, pulmonary, neurological, and other acute medical conditions.

According to Collingswood Rehab’s website, its inpatient rehab program features physiatry-driven rehab programming, daily therapies, state-of-the-art equipment, and an array of amenities to enhance the patient’s comfort.

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