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Coffee and Care Podcast co-hosts Katharina “Kat” Villanueva, and Ryan Miner interview one of Nest and Care’s best caregivers, Vidania Gonzalez.

Taking care of another person forces most of us to go above and beyond in learning important virtues such as patience, loyalty, and understanding.

Moreover, Maryland caregivers are tasked with noble mandates – providing encouragement, hope, and loving support to our aging population, senior citizens, and anyone in need of non-medical home care, neuro care, and acute skilled nursing care.

The American Psychological Association agrees that “Many family caregivers report positive experiences from caregiving,” making it a vital discipline that everybody should be interested in.

In this episode of the Coffee and Care Podcast, Katharina Villanueva and Ryan Miner share their thoughts about becoming a caregiver in Maryland, with one of Nest and Care’s finest caregivers, Vidania Gonzalez, a registered certified nurse assistant.

Vidania shares with Kat and Ryan her caregiving journey, her experiences and challenges, her motivations for working in healthcare, and her future educational and career plans.

The Coffee and Care Podcast is recorded, edited, and published at Nest & Care’s Silver Spring, Maryland studio, located at 1751 Elton Road.

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Show Notes and Outline

  • Vidania’s journey to becoming a Maryland caregiver;
  • Caregiving during COVID-19 and COVID’s impact on the home care industry the caregiving profession; 
  • How caregivers support both the client and the client’s family; 
  • What’s the first day on the job like?; 
  • How caregivers handle client deaths; 
  • The struggles of caregiving; 
  • Caregiver communication with a home care agency; 
  • The care management process; 
  • Vidania offers advice to aspiring caregivers; 
  • Skills that caregivers can and will learn on the job; 
  • The best (and worst) moments of being a caregiver!  


[00:30] Vidania’s journey to becoming a Maryland caregiver;
[02:52] Vidania’s motivation to become a caregiver;
[03:30] Vidania’s family background and caregiver vision;
[13:20] Caregiving during COVID-19;
[15:28] COVID-19’s impact on Nest & Care clients;
[17:00] Caregiving for clients on Hospice;
[17:40] Vidania shares her memories about her first day on the job as a caregiver;
[21:59] Psychological support when managing a client’s death;
[26:02] Challenges in the caregiving practice;
[26:53] Communication between caregivers and their respective agencies;
[27:41] How Nest & Care fills caregiver gaps;
[29:12] Advice to aspiring caregivers;
[31:01] Caregiving 101;
[38:06] Final Thoughts and how to contact Nest & Care.

About The Podcast

The Coffee and Care Podcast dissects the healthcare system’s complex continuum of care apparatus, which guides and tracks patients’ medical care throughout the many life transitions we face. 

The show features guests specializing in home health, home care, healthcare marketing, telehealth, chronic pain management, the hospital system, elder and senior care living, physical therapy, care management, caregiving, Hospice, and Palliative care, retirement planning, and much more.

About Kat and Ryan

Kat is a registered nurse, business owner and entrepreneur.

Ryan is a marketing and digital media nerd.

Their combined expertise in healthcare and marketing makes for a fascinating podcast!

Kat and Ryan are senior-level executives and managers at Nest & Care, a cutting-edge, forward-thinking home care agency revolutionizing the care continuum and transforming the home care industry through tailormade care plans, client-driven specialty programs, White-Glove Customer Service, and groundbreaking, innovative marketing. 

About Nest and Care

Nest and Care, situated in the heart of Montgomery County, Maryland, is one of Maryland’s leading home care and home health providers for aging adults, senior citizens, and anyone who requires care at home or within an assisted living community. In addition, Nest & Care’s caregivers specialize in providing care for patients discharging from a skilled nursing facility.

Nest and Care hires only the best trained Maryland caregivers.

Nest and Care offers Maryland an abundance of care options from quality, non-medical assistance, expert neurological care, personalized care plans catering to every client’s specific needs, acute skilled nursing services, transportation services, and so much more.

Nest & Care is leading the home care industry in the Metro D.C. region, providing home care solutions, elder care, senior care, and senior home care, specifically in Montgomery County Maryland, including Damascus, Clarksburg, Boyds, Poolesville, Darnestown, Germantown, Gaithersburg, North Potomac, Downtown Crown, Rockville, Potomac, North Bethesda, Kensington, Wheaton, Silver Spring, Takoma Park, White Oak, Aspen Hill, Hillandale, Fairland, Colesville, Ashton, Sandy Spring, Cloverly, Burtonsville, Redland, Olney, Cabin John, Kemp Mill, and more!

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