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Stay Safe and Independent: A Story of Resilience and Care

At Nest & Care, we understand the profound impact falls can have on seniors and their families. The story of Nancy, a resilient 92-year-old widow living in her beloved home in Montgomery County, MD, built in 1949, highlights the real-world challenges and solutions related to fall reduction among seniors.

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Nancy’s Story: A Lifetime of Memories and a New Challenge

Nancy, alongside her husband, raised four children in their family home, filled with decades of memories. After her husband passed away two years ago, Nancy’s connection to her home grew even stronger, making her adamant about staying despite her children’s concerns. They worried about her safety and suggested moving to an assisted living community, but Nancy wanted to maintain her independence.
Understanding her desire, the family found a compromise through Nest & Care, which provided a part-time caregiver to assist Nancy for four hours a day, five days a week. This arrangement allowed her to enjoy the comfort of her home while ensuring her well-being.

A Frightening Fall and a Family’s Response

However, a few months ago, the unforeseen happened. Nancy fell in the middle of the night while trying to navigate to the bathroom. It was a harrowing morning when her caregiver discovered her on the floor, unable to get up on her own. Fortunately, despite the fall, Nancy didn’t break any bones. The incident was a wake-up call for her family, amplifying their fears about her safety.
In response, the family decided to increase the level of care. They augmented the caregiver support to ensure Nancy would have additional help, particularly during the night, aiming to prevent such scares in the future. This decision was driven by love and the collective realization that while Nancy’s independence is precious, her safety is paramount.

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How Nest & Care Makes a Difference

Nest & Care’s mission is to prevent stories like Nancy’s from ending differently. Our trained caregivers are pivotal in reducing the risk of falls through:


Customized Care Plans

Focusing on the unique needs of each senior, incorporating exercises and activities that promote strength and balance.

Home Safety Assessments:

Identifying potential fall hazards in the home and recommending modifications to make the environment safer.


Round-the-Clock Support

Providing flexible caregiver assistance tailored to the family’s needs, including overnight supervision to reduce if not prevent incidents like Nancy’s.

Education and Empowerment

Offering resources and support to seniors and their families on fall reduction and safety measures at home.

Our Commitment

Nancy’s story, at the age of 92, is a testament to the importance of preventive measures and the need for adaptive care solutions that honor a senior’s wish to remain in their beloved home. It underscores how a balanced approach, combining independence with adequate support, can mitigate risks and enhance the quality of life.

At Nest & Care, we are committed to helping families like Nancy’s navigate the challenges of aging with dignity and safety. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your loved one’s desire to live independently, securely, and happily at home.

Together, we can ensure that every senior, like Nancy, has the opportunity to live safely and independently, surrounded by the memories and comforts of home.

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In-Person Interview

Every caregiver comes in for a face to face interview and personality assessment.


CNA/RN Certification

Here at Nest and Care Silver Spring – Bethesda Home Home Health Care, we screen for specific nursing certifications such as CNA, CMT, GNA, LPN, and RN.


Background Check

We run comprehensive federal, national, state and county-level background checks on all caregivers.


Caregiver Matching Program

We find the right caregiver for you by considering your specific needs, experience, personality, skill set, and much more. Our caregivers feel like family, and you and your loved ones will look forward to spending time together


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Nest and Care Silver Spring – Bethesda Home Home Health Care covers workman’s compensation, unemployment benefits, training, state and employment taxes, as well as theft and up to $3 million professional liability insurance for our care providers.

Dedication Beyond Measure

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to consistently provide high-quality in-home care to our fellow Marylanders who are recovering from illness, living with disabilities, and our aging adults who may need support in the privacy of their own home for the sole purpose of achieving the best quality of life imaginable.

Our Core Values



We are fully committed to honor our clients with respect and privacy at all times.



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We are committed to consistently exercising all efforts possible to keep our word as promised.



We commit ourselves to the quality of possessing and adhering to high moral principles and the highest of professionalstandards.


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We are committed to consistently delivering quality services and fulfilling our client’s needs promptly and thoroughly.

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